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Virtual Realtiy [VR]_

The emotional portrayal of content plays a crucial role in every company – although not all companies have realised it yet. The times, in which battles were won with the help of PowerPoint, are long gone.

Virtual reality is now ready to be applied practically. For with the latest hard- and software (e.g. HTC Five, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, real-time programming, and 360 degree videos), its implementation has become cost-efficient and plannable.

Its big advantage: In contrast to physical measures, virtual reality provides more flexibility when conveying complex content and is better at bringing it to life. Virtual environments are interactive, and the experience will cause the desired content to become anchored in the minds of your target group - because virtual reality is a highlight for every user.

We would be happy to advise you on which VR strategy is right for your firm and how you can portray your content in an emotional way. Regardless of whether your goal is the establishment of processes and standards or a change of mindset in your organisation, virtual reality will make your topics tangible and interesting.

Rabl & Hahn will bring virtual reality to you. We will develop the concept and plan the measures ahead of time to guarantee the greatest possible success. Our services range from brainstorming through obtaining and programming the hardware all the way to assisting on site and providing the needed training and support. You will have one specific contact person, who will not only advise you, but also ensure that all measures are implemented on schedule.




Virtual reality / gamification / real-time programming / 360 degree videos_

Virtual Reality Konzepte
Unternehmenberatung Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Konzepte

We will not only draft and create your individual concepts, but
also implement them on site. Worldwide and in any language.

Examples of application:

  • Process optimisation & presentation

  • Process visualisation & depiction

  • Product trainings

  • Change of mindset / raising the awareness of the target group

  • Simplification of highly complex content

  • Product performance life cycle

  • Etc.

  • Conception of storyboards

  • Design / layout, retouching, in accordance with your CI

  • Programming / rendering

  • Integration of 360 degree videos

  • Implementation of your products in virtual worlds

  • Obtaining hard- and software

  • Conception & implementation of communication – digital, print, 3D and with the help of emotional film elements

  • Event management, planning & implementation

  • Conception & creation of an argument for the announcement in relevant committees

  • Setup and dismantling as well as on-site support & implementation

  • Conducting workshops / seminars / trainings

  • Etc.

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