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Hollywood blockbuster, explanatory film, 3D animation or just a simple clip? Rabl & Hahn’s videos attract attention and inspire imitation.

PowerPoint, Word and newsletters are not enough to reach everyone in your desired target group. Our multimedia world is characterized by moving images that go under your skin. It is much easier to absorb content when using more than one sense. And if you also manage to reach the viewer’s heart, your success is almost guaranteed.

A few years ago, films, explanatory videos, simple clips and 3D productions cost a fortune that few could or wanted to afford. Now the costs are manageable and even for smaller projects the cost-benefit factor is unbeatable.

There are no restrictions to the areas of application, because everything that can be written can also be portrayed in moving images. The classic promotional video for heart and mind. A comprehensive and detailed explanatory film to give the target group a better understanding of complex topics.

The so-called “simple clip” which specifically focuses on simplifying the message – it is always fascinating how complex topics can be simplified. Or a 3D animation which uses technical subtleties to create and bring to life a new world according to your wishes.


Once you have contact with your target group, you don’t want to lose them again, so it is best to show a film or a 3D animation which will speak to the viewers. Good videos and animations convey messages vividly. This makes it easy to identify the benefit quickly, emotionally and convincingly. Videos can create loyal commitments and even win supporters.

Rabl & Hahn makes video and 3D possible for you. We develop creative storyboards that will meet, if not exceed, your expectations. Our expert crew plans the recordings and all the logistics. You can determine the quality, all the way up to “Hollywood style”. With 4K resolution, all recordings are state of the art. The post-production is also done exclusively by Rabl & Hahn. With this A to Z service portfolio, we can guarantee consistent quality and on-time delivery.

We’ll take care of the conception of the film/ 3D animation

as well the complete implementation – from conceptualizing

to shooting to presenting the film.

Application examples:

  • Process optimization & presentation

  • Process visualization & depiction

  • Product trainings

  • Product presentations

  • Mindset change / raising the target group’s awareness

  • Simplifying highly complex content

  • Product Performance Lifecycle

  • Development of storyboards

  • Programming/ rendering

  • etc.

Kind of movies:

  • Image film

  • Simple clip

  • Explanatory films/ videos

  • 3D Animation

  • 2D Animation

  • Voxpops/ interviews

  • Documentary videos

  • Management commitments/ management messages

  • Recruitingmovies

  • Podcasts for internal communication

Impressions from our films_


Own example: I will fucking walk again

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