What happens when a jack-of-all-trades

has real transformation solutions?

[ ... right, He shakes up the economy with a bang! Philipp Hahn is not just a rhetorical hit. As one of the pioneers of transformation, the Entrepreneur knows exactly what’s important in order to thrive in these ever-changing times.


Throughout the past 40 years, he has collected more experience than what others would have collected in a lifetime. He is the CEO and Founder of a business transformation company, and he himself, a top management coach.

In his mid-20s, Philipp traveled the world as a top international salesman in a "World Premier Organization". After gaining much attention for his natural ability to solve problems across professional and personal fields, Philipp moved into the world of change management and became an APQP and NLP expert; working on internationally recognized projects- all, while completing his pilot-license.


Philipp's life has always been filled with the thirst for knowledge. To accept things as they are, has never been in his nature. In his school years, Philipp had already started developing his first thoughts on transformation: "Why learn complex math! I can use my time for better things! I believe that in the future, we will always have a calculator in our pockets" a statement he made at 15-years-old, in mathematics class; and what later turned out – to be a groundbreaking fact.


"Enabling and doing" has always been his motto. Only a few years after obtaining his pilot license, Philipp founded an aviation company. He then traveled the world, living and working in Spain, Asia, and the USA - among others.

Pink all over. From friends and business partners, the Entrepreneur is called, with love, "the pink grenade.” On one hand, pink is his symbol for “care” - the care that he has for the importance of self-awareness and for others. The energy of pink is also reflected in his choice of color for his office, car, watches and clothing - it is everywhere that he is! On the other hand, pink is the what gives him an explosive charge and "power".


Philipp Hahn’s source of knowledge has been gained through a vast set of experiences. The 38-year-old has been working since the age of 23, and in the first quarter of his work life, he entered into countless professions such as being - a truck driver, soldier, pilot, sports instructor, musician, salesman, office leader, and corporate coach (to name a few) - before embarking on the creation of his transformation company.


Philipp’s journey into transformation consultancy was sparked by the desire to change people’s destructive habits and to alleviate people’s lack of self-awareness. Every year his work propels his knowledge by double or triple due to the intensive hours he dedicates into it.


Philipp splits his everyday life into two possible categories of activity: enabling and resting. During the Enabling phase - he optimizes his work, refines his deliverables, strengthens his networks, reads books or listens to podcasts - sometimes up to 120 hours per week. By doing so, he ends up learning more in one week than what others would learn in three.


The secret to this amount of spare time is due to how he schedules his Resting phase - while an average sleep duration of 7 hours is encouraged in Germany, Philipp Hahn often enjoys no more than 25 hours of sleep per working week, and does not stick to the conventional mono-sleep phase. As an advocate of the polyphasic model, he splits his sleep requirements into a minimum of four intensive sleep units per day – leaving more time for his self-development.


Where does he get all his energy from? Philipp draws his real power from two of his greatest passions: meditative yoga and rock music; two passions that could not be richer in contrast! For while he meditates and builds his strength in all facets of yoga, he also powers up the synthesizer and plays on his electric guitar for 20-30 hours per week.


He analyzes. He confronts. He polarizes. And still, he wins the hearts of fans and professionals because his biggest passion is towards people and focusing on their individual change. It is no coincidence that Philipp Hahn is one of great entrepreneurs - thanks to his unconventional charisma, a high level of authenticity and his well-founded specialist know-how. People tell him that he has a nose for people and situations. His lack of interest in complaining is high; and the worse a situation becomes, the more he is compelled to solve it.


Besides attributes such as empathy and tolerance, Philipp is characterized by hard skills and soft skills that enable him to look beyond the façade of man and business. All of this is reflected in his company, with less than 10 years in the industry, it is already rich in tradition, with a brazen charm and top-class clients! ]

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Core topics of Philipp Hahn

Welcome to the future!

  • Just a normal (future) day.

  • Man and machine become one.

  • What are the corporate solutions for the coming challenges?

  • And what does the workplace of the future look like?

From businessman to entrepreneur.

  • Authentic character that thrills others .

  • Attitude to life? Entrepreneurship!

  • Sense for innovation.

  •  The crisis as a way. Master setbacks and failure.


Industry 4.0: Master Plan for the Cultural Change.

  • Performance Management – open feedback culture.

  • Digital twin fed with artificial intelligence.

  • Swarm organization – the future follows other everyday rules.

  • Zero-defect factory: producing everything – in just one location.

Why are others the way the are?
Why am I the way I am?

  • Why does some things brings us "on the palm". Causes, emotions, mirror laws.

  • Awareness / Mindfulness.

  • Code of my personality (memes and patterns).

  • Judgments vs. Head-, stomach-, heart-decisions.


Times changes- your customer too.

  • The customer – your test bench.

  • What the customer says  vs. what the customer wants.

  • How do I get feedback from my customer?

  • How does the perfect service look like?


I'm a superstar

  • The secret of a brilliant and authentic leader.

  • Infect employees with your own vision.

  • Establish innovations in your company successfully.

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