You VS YOU – It's you against you - the race is already running!

"Why so many take 'aging' or 'tomorrow' for granted? We all have one unpredictable life in one fragile carbon based body, while we are on this one life mission.

You never know what tomorrow may bring, tonight might be your last. So be gratefull for every human you met today, every challenge you faced - everything that life serves you.

But what Purpose do you serve? Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you want to achive with your remaining life! Then, do it and connect with people that follow the same direction.

Whether all this ends painful or not, see the beauty in it, coz one day you won't see beauty anymore.

Don’t waste time with judging and resting, unless its your life goal. You are this one (super temporary) life!

The fact that you read these lines makes you to one of the most advanced humans on this planet that has every chance to fullfill your life mission.

If you won't fullfill it, then because of YOU! Never blame others! Too many people have started worse and finished better.

Everything is your responsibility. May God (,quantum physics or whoever) speed you to fulfill your life mission coz you compete with the most dangerous contender: Yourself.

Its You vs You -the race is already on!" Ive been asked to share my great attitude secret. This is it 😉

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