Houses from the 3D printer want to alleviate the housing shortage in the poorest regions._

[What if we used technical progress to alleviate hardship?

Almost half of the population of El Salvador lives below the poverty line, which is also reflected in the housing situation of many citizens of the Central American state, some live in self-contained huts with no access to clean water. "New Story," a nonprofit organization from silicon valley, wants to address this issue now - with the help of a giant 3D printer.

Over the past 20 years, the Internet and mobile have fundamentally changed how people communicate and share information. Now 3D printing is about to revolutionize our production: getting out of the factories, into the creative hands of local manufacturers, from the small pill to printed human hearts to entire houses – the 3D printer challenges creativity and makes it possible for people around the world, favorably creating individual solutions out of their community.

The 3D printer, which was developed together with the technology startup "Icon", only just takes 24 hours to produce a one-story house. Cement is used as the material. Even if windows and roofs still need to be installed manually and the foundations are still cast in the traditional way, the real attraction lies in the price: Only $ 4,000 should cost a building constructed in this way.

If everything goes according to plan, then New Story wants to begin on May 31, 2018 to print the first 100 houses in El Salvador. The costs should be covered by donations. If you spend $ 4,000 on a house, then you can use a profile website to get to know the family that will live in the building.

We find a very nice example of opportunities that our new technologies offer us. Go for it, New Story!

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