THE NEXT 100: The BMW - view in the future_

[ 592 pages, 373 pictures, 11 chapters - To mark its 100th birthday, the BMW Group looks into the future. The book "THE NEXT 100" highlights future topics that can not be more exciting: How will mobility look like in the future? Which social role will companies play? How and where will people live? How will digitalization and globalization shape our world?

Adriano Sack, German writer and journalist, former editor-in-chief of the BMW magazine and current "style" head of the "world", has gathered the views of experts and pioneers in the context of "THE NEXT 100".

In "THE NEXT 100", the BMW Group does not only rely on its own plans and scenarios, but invited experts from a wide range of sectors - scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, journalists and artists - to think and discuss the future together. Futhermore, this unique illustrated book provides an insight into the future of the company, presenting for the first time in this publication the four future studies of the brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad.

A highlight: "12 theses on the future of the company". How will the BMW Group develop themselves in the next decades? The author discussed the challenges of the future with responsible employees of the company. The result: a collection of visionary approaches and creative ideas. And do you already know Eleanor? Eleanor is the voice of the invisible assistant of BMW. She has come to life, for the first time in over 105 years, we hear her voice. Eleanor makes our everyday life easier and fulfills every imaginable wish. In the future of course, BMW will also become a data manager and data protector.

Ideas, opinions and visions for the world of tomorrow can be found here: Link ]

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