Three "Musk"-Haves: Today Work Safety_

[Elon Musk is and remains an undisputed pioneer – in many fields. We dedicate the next three weeks to him and cover three topics which are significantly branded by the visionary. Today a topic that occupies Musk because of a lot of negative incidents within his own company Tesla: Work Safety.

Work Safety is defined as all measures, resources and methods which increase the security at the workplace. But when it comes to the topic Work Safety it´s long more than about the defence from dangers or the elimination of risks in the name of the security of employees.

In fact it´s about the preventative retention of health and a humanly adequate working especially in times like these, where work and environment are changing constantly. Faster processes, new tasks and technologies as well as higher time pressure are shaping our everyday life.

“It´s breaking my heart when somebody gets injured while constructing a vehicle, while giving his best to make Tesla successful”. This is how Musk approaches his employees via an email after a series of work accidents at Tesla were made public. Prevention instead of escalation – that´s the motto Musk sticks to from now on: “Every week I meet the security officers and also want to meet every injured person, as soon as they have recovered, for me to learn precisely what we have to do to improve.”

The example of Tesla shows which high significance the topic Work Safety will have in companies in the future. That´s why we support our clients in this fields more and more often, introduce the most important areas of action regarding Work Safety and promotion of health and demonstrate to them how they can implement them into the organisation and develop an action plan.

One of our youngest projects treats exactly this topic at a worldwide major company. Work Safety – a rather dry topic – just perfect for Rabl & Hahn! For the initial phase we wrapped the topic into a highly ironic and provocative coat with shocking pictures and made therewith clear what can happen in the worst case.

The plan for phase 1 was: shaking up, generating attention for taboo subjects, touching emotionally and staying in mind for a long time.

The result of phase 1 was: historic, positive optimum outcomes!

And now phase 2, 3 and 4 are just about to roll out … ]

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