Three „Musk“-Haves: Today Talent Management_

[ Elon Musk is and remains an undisputed pioneer – in many fields. We dedicate the next three weeks to him and cover three topics which are significantly branded by the visionary, like for example our today’s first topic „Talent Management“.

Satisfied employees are the key to success! That´s not a surprise as it is proven that a right employee motivation not only goes along with a more positive work ethic, but also strengthens a good work atmosphere and solidarity within the company.

But how to inspire employees to deliver maximum performance?

SpaceX/Tesla-boss Elon Musk is a work animal and according rumour has it that he demands this as well of his employees. A former SpaceX employee reveals in an online forum his experiences with the Musk company culture: The secret behind the will to give everything for this magnetic company is not being forced to work overtime. Contrary to many opinions, his culture – which is currently on everybody´s lips again – also seems to show social approaches, which keep the employees on track. As a balance to the hard Tesla work routine Musk offers his employees next to free dinner for example a professional massage therapist and counts on exuberant parties and events.

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For a company discussions with the own employees are essential. That´s why we point out to our clients in every project that – regarding the demographic change and the shortage of specialists – it is more important than ever to face the topic „Talent Management“. Our approach includes strategies, methods and measures that enable companies to ensure that positions critical to the success of the business are occupied with the right employees.

To implement targeted personnel policy measures it is reasonable to look at the team combination a bit closer. Every company can be divided into four groups of employees: bees, moles, raw diamonds and superstars.

While the bee is considered to be a reliable work force who diligently executes its tasks and questions itself in a constructive way, moles are longing for recognition and attention – but in a negative way. Mostly unsatisfied they become apparent by pointed remarks and literally undermine the working atmosphere. Raw diamonds are good performers and very eager to learn. For example they book seminars on their own expense, read books and thereby strengthen their strengths. They own the potential to become superstars. But because of single dramatic weaknesses they are at risk to atrophy to moles if they don´t get the necessary attention. As superstars – who make up only about 1% of all employees in average and thus are a real rarity – are characterized by outstanding skills it´s only a matter of weaken their weaknesses, that´s all it takes.

The decisive criteria is always the question if the employee has the potential to bring heart and passion for the key functions into the company. Of course the managers take a leading part but in fact it´s the human resources department which functions as driving force for processes and tools.

Furthermore the HR department hires tomorrow´s top managers. And as the much-cited shortage of specialists has already become reality for many enterprises an even better Talent Management-concept is needed which can handle the growing challenges of recruiting. ]

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