Welcome to Generation X, Y and Z!_

[ Three generations that couldn´t be more different: X, Y and Z!_

They all agree on one thing: They don´t necessarily do what they are told, but what benefits them.

+ Generation X: roughly the vintages 1960 – 1979

After an almost endless period of Baby-Boomers and the Hero-Generation, 2 billion “GenXs“ have established in the labor market. They form the turning point between the industrial and the digital age. They are “worldwide innovation drivers“ and question permanently historically grown values.

+ Generation Y: roughly the vintages 1980 – 1989

While Generation X is booking anti-stress-workshops, Generation „YOLO“ (=You only live once) flocks into the market – by far not as “job dogged” as their parents. Private projects are an important part of their lives and intermesh with work (for example the Google Calendar).

+ Generation Z: born after 1990

At the starting block Generation Z gets in position: characterized by receptivity fast as lightning and extremely multi-tasking. But also high sensitivity and weak resilience shape the generation of the ones born after 199x.

Summing up the “who is who” of the generations in the upcoming years concerning the world of employment as well as the consumer behavior will be increasingly stamped by the newcomers from team Y and Z. However, the no longer brand new specimens of Generation X will keep on playing an important part.

Have you heard about the “Xennials“?

It´s getting really messy for the ones who were born between 1977 and 1985. These nine years are not long enough to count as a generation. But many of those who were born in this period don´t feel like they belong to any side. And that for a reason: the birth years of this timeframe form the transition between two big generations. They need to manage the balancing act between an analogue childhood and a digital youth. And that´s exactly how they feel: with one foot in Generation X, with the other one in Generation Y.

“Business Insider“ explains in the following article why this is quite inconvenient: LINK ]

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