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[ Rabl & Hahn is branching out – as a business consulting firm for leading multi-national firms, as well as for the distinguished mid-sized business, we know exactly what you need to succeed in the paradigm shift. Whether you are in the automotive, aviation, pharmaceutical, or private sectors, we can prepare you for change!

Innovation meets Legacy: Rabl & Hahn, the innovative boutique, together with the MICHEL-INSTITUT, the oldest business consultancy in Germany, has developed an HACCP application!

What is HACCP you ask?

HACCP is a system for guaranteeing food safety. The purpose of the HACCP concept is to identify all the hazards associated with the production of food products or with finished products themselves and to assess these risks.

If all the factors that can affect food purity are known, then specific measures can be taken to eliminate these risk factors. The goal of the HACCP concept is to understand the possible risks and how these risks can be avoided.

The HACCP application “Food Safety First“ – conceived, designed, and brought to bear by us – offers the following:

+ a standardized HACCP-system individually optimized for web and mobile app

+ tools and methods that are as easy as pie to use. How? Through “real time” simulated reference examples

+ a five-day expert workshop in our experience workshop in Aschheim near Munich

Are you interested? Register with us.]

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