How will we live in the coming Years? An Attempt at a Forecast._

[ “Imagine: You go to supermarket, pack everything you need into your bag, and then simply walk out the door,“ says Jim McCarthy, Vice President of Visa. No cash registers, no lines, just a convenient debit charge. Amazon has just opened such a store in Seattle.

We are witnessing a revolutionary transformation of the “old world“ into a new and unknown one.

Some 30 years ago, it was the PC that was working its way into our daily routines, changing our lives and society in a pivotal way. But what will the (digital) reality look like in the coming years?

One thing is clear: in the near future, virtual reality is likely to be indistinguishable from reality.

In addition, both mobility and communication will change even more dramatically in the next 5 to 10 years than they did in the 50 years before, and the steadily increasing quality requirements will no longer be produced by people alone – hello, robots!

This article casts a speculative and exciting look out to our life in 13 years.

Find their eleven predictions here: LINK

Our customer Electrolux shows now officially the Smart Home of the future in a connected world, the film is striking: LINK

Well, what do you think? ]

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