How we’re working today. Elon Musk gives a Tour through his modern Open-Space Office._

[ The world of work is changing. And with it the architecture of offices.

The modern business world is clearly reflected in the spaces: chic office architecture, large open-space offices, no more dedicated desks for each employee.

The promised result: more creativity, more agility, and reduced costs. While some still fear that this architectural transparency could degenerate into a culture of control, where everyone knows what everyone else is doing, others see real possibilities in these developments for an open office routine.

One big advocate for the new open-space mentality is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. On a tour through his SpaceX Headquarters in Hawthorne, he listed the benefits of a modern workspace in which everything is flexible – whether it’s a room without walls and doors or the glass conference room where the panes automatically turn opaque when you enter.

The entire structure of cooperation aligns itself with the flow of work and changes dynamically and flexibly. This beautiful "new working world" of uncompromising openness is intended to support permanent interaction, explosive innovation, and spontaneous self-organization. The environment is agile, smart and totally hip: LINK ]

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