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Who are the Faces behind Rabl & Hahn?_

October 19, 2017

[ Who are the faces of Rabl & Hahn? Without our brilliant team members, we would be nothing.
“Rabl & Hahn Change Elite_” shows you who we are!


Today: Felipe


As a South American, Felipe loves coffee. He needs his caffeine urgently when he dedicates himself to his numerous creative projects. 3D artist for digitization and print, video editor, graphic artist - there is absolutely nothing in "state of the art" design, which Felipe does not master!


The media designer comes originally from Santiago de Chile and he has lived in Germany for five years. What he especially loves here? The German culture, the orderly life, the efficiency and the many career opportunities as a designer.  He adds that in personal life in Germany there can be made deep friendships; honest and reliable friendships.


Felipe has been living in Munich for five months. He loves the cultural diversity, the many different cafes around the Sendlinger Tor and the calm in Westpark.

Asked for his five life goals, Felipe´s first answer: gaining experience. Knowledge without experience means nothing in the eyes of the Chilean. Only the experience that is collected throughout the life brings you further.


The second answer doesn´t surprise considering the talents of the 34-year-old: “create” - to continue developing himself and creating something new, spurs Felipe every day. To be physically and mentally fit and to keep this fit is just as important for the media designer as the sharing of his self-gained knowledge with others. His fifth goal “research” means for him always to be open-minded for new things, learn new techniques and to keep up to date. And he does that in various ways from the classical text book to YouTube tutorials. There is no downtime for Felipe – what could be better suitable for us?! ]




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