Welcome to the next Dimension._

[ The trend toward megacities is having a number of consequences for our daily lives. One example: We all know it. We’re all cursing it - the rush-hour traffic jam.

There may soon be a solution though: In the future, just lift off to escape the traffic?

The idea of flying cars isn’t new. This dream has existed at least since the cars were first being mass-produced. By the 1980s, different inventors were already tinkering with flying cars to escape the high traffic volume by exploiting the third dimension.

In Geneva, this March two “Big Players” showed how this problem might be tackled:

Together with the creative agency Italdesign, our customer Airbus, who is well-versed in the mobility sector, presented their flying car. In just seven to ten years, the vehicle could be on the streets, or rather in the air.

Airbus has experience not only with autonomous and electrical transportation, but also with shared services. They have pulled from all these areas to find a solution for the overflowing cities, the future megacities. "In 2030," says Airbus, “60 percent of the population will live in cities - that’s 10 percent more than now.” It is high time to drive forward with new technologies:


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