See and create your Company like a City._

[ What if we would imagine that your own company resembles a city – a city where you are, so to say, the mayor. What would you like to achieve as municipal leader? On the one hand young people and innovative firms should be attracted to it, on the other hand those who have grown up in the city should keep on feeling like home here.

The main challenge is to manage the balancing act between the protection of the valuable historical heritage on the one hand and a modern infrastructure on the other hand - to stand out from the surrounding areas.

A city lives from its citizens; therefore they should play a very important role. Starting from the new, youngest fellow citizen to the long-established city council, integrity and the potential of the employees should be fully exploited.

The highest goal should be, that the citizens perceive themselves as a relevant part of their city and therefore are grateful and proud and are beginning to ask themselves how they can improve their city to become bigger and better.

Wherever people meet there can be friction – among each other as well as between citizen and mayor, especially if the goal of both parties doesn’t match. However, at the end of the day it´s the people who decide between success and failure and therefore it´s crucial to find compromises and to communicate them in good time.

Also the mayor himself can become a danger for his own city. Weather because of gridlocked patterns of thinking and acting, indecisiveness or a lack of inspiration: All those points can lead to the stagnation of the city´s development.

We see ourselves as mediators and render assistance when the going gets tough.

Rabl & Hahn analyzes the “canteen gossip” and comes directly into the town hall. We are happy to inspire and advise you with our extensive wealth of experience – weather on the construction sites of the present or your plans for the future.

We are walking hand in hand with you, on your path to a flourishing metropolis! ]

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