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[ One of our customers, a leading producer of household and kitchen appliances world-wide, gives a “Global Operations Teamship” Award twice a year. The winner for the first half of 2017 is the “Committed to Quality” program that we developed! From the market launch, through the campaign itself, to the record-breaking quality-results of 2016 – with more than 500 votes, our project won!

What has our program changed for the business?

Naturally, the enormous change in quality! The existing customer-focused approach of the company was also consistently expanded. In addition, the focus was shifted from correction and improvement, to a more proactive, preventative approach.

Commissioned by the executive board just one and a half years ago, the transformation was first geared toward area managers, followed by a Top Management webinar and the involvement of all important stakeholders in the company.

The highlight of the year was the first ever “Quality Day”. It included events at more than 170 customer-locations world-wide! Through the development of a consistent approach, harmonized tools, simplified processes, the change initiative has won the hearts of the employees. This reflected heavily on their Key Performance Indicators: the best rate of improvement in company history has been achieved. The “Committed to Quality” program exceeded all expectations! ]

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