About Ethos, Pathos and Logos: What Aristotle and Steve Jobs have in Common._

[ An analysis of Steve Jobs’ rhetoric: There are people who, with their speeches, are able to cast a spell over thousands of spectators. Steve Jobs was certainly one of them. In fact, Jobs – the mastermind of Apple, who died in 2011 – was not just a genius inventor, but also a visionary and genius at rhetoric, whose public appearances were staged like a holy mass and received that way by the audience.

How he succeeded at this is the subject of a new paper by British authors, Loizos Hercleaous and Laura Klaering. The paper “Charismatic Leadership and Rhetorical Competence: An Analysis of Steve Jobs‘ Rhetoric” published in the journal “Group and Organization Management,” explains why hardly anyone could escape this man’s powers of persuasion.

Their central thesis: Jobs used, above all, the three rhetorical techniques from the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle: ethos, pathos, and logos.

Ethos, in this context, refers to one’s own image as a moral authority and pathos refers to the ability to convey an emotion and successfully appeal to the emotions of the audience.

Finally, logos means the convincing use of rational, logical arguments.

Interested? Here’s the paper: LINK ]

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