Megacities, then and now._

[ As Thomas Jefferson said so beautifully: “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” Would he have made the same statement with regard to increasing population density too?

Beijing, Mexico City, Shanghai – around 20 million people are currently living in each of these cities, making them some of the world’s largest. And these so-called “megacities” are continuing to grow at breakneck speed. All over the world, more and more people are moving to the big city.

Today more than four billion people live in urban areas. By the year 2050, estimates say, around 6.5 billion will. The metropolitan area around Tokyo, with more than 35 million people, is the largest such urban area in the world. By 2030 the population of Delhi could increase from 25 to 36 million people and an increase to 31 million is anticipated for Shanghai.

In 1800 just three percent of the world’s population lived in urban areas. Forbes took a look at the situation in megacities in those days. Hard to believe that in 1900 London was still the world’s largest city, right?


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