Who are the Faces behind Rabl & Hahn?_

[ Who are the faces of Rabl & Hahn? Without our brilliant team members, we would be nothing. “Rabl & Hahn Change Elite_” shows you who we are!

Today: Manfred

Manfred loves soccer. So much so, that he would leave his beloved Mercedes for a good match, but just for 90 minutes, because he is a devoted Mercedes-Benz fan for years. When it comes to a “Golf”, however, he can only get excited out on the links:

In his free time, the Allgaeu native from Bad Hindelang loves hitting golf balls because, among other things, he finds peace out on the golf course. And he needs this peace in order to come up with dinner plans. He is passionate about cooking for his friends and family. He cooks so well and enjoys it so much that his wife hardly ever gets to cook herself.

Manfred’s handyman skills not only make him indispensable at home: Rabl & Hahn have been taking advantage of his talents for a long time and have been able to have him on numerous projects. Fortunately! When it comes to setting up the famous “Mobilo Roadshows”, Manfred is unparalleled. In less than half the time, he gets done what would normally take 48 hours. How does he do it? We would love to know as well, but this remains his secret. And from these skills he has earned himself the nickname „Manfredo Torpedo“ – rightly so!

In case you are wondering about all of the parallels in our world: Manfred is not only our “Head of Roadshows”, he is also the head of the Hahn family. We are family! ]

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