Rabl & Hahn Roadshow in Dallas: #TravelDiary: The sky is the limit!_

[ Last year, we brought changes to every european location for an international leading aerospace corporation. 2017 is taking us across the pond. The Rabl & Hahn Roadshow is on tour in the USA

What does this mean for us?

11 weeks, 1,926 miles, and 4 locations throughout the United States of America. At each stop, the Rabl & Hahn Mobilo is going to be set up within 48 hours at record speed. Every day, up to 600 people are going to visit the Roadshow which will last four to five days before our fantastic team packs this “different kind of exhibition booth” back into the truck and we make our way to the next location. We can hardly wait!

+ Our first stop: Dallas, Texas

The ninth largest city in the USA welcomed us with its usual warm weather and sunshine! After two days of setting up our super flexible Mobilo, we are ready for four days full of “consternation, participation, and excitement”. The Roadshow can begin! ]

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