Rabl & Hahn location: Check 7. Our Customer Experience Centre._

[The Rabl & Hahn state-of-the-art benchmark headquarter has been our new, cutting-edge home since 1st March. New standards, game-changing ideas and successful methods – we revolutionize the work space! We proudly present seven facts about our new work environment during seven weeks

Today: Discover the consulting sector in a completely new way and experience the customer experience centre!

As one of the first management consultancies in the world we offer our clients a unique showroom. Whether for inspiration, for a workshop or a seminar – the Rabl & Hahn customer experience centre is a place in which everything revolves around one thing: change. There is only one risk: The showroom may contain elements of Silicon Valley!

What does our showroom offer?

A quick overview:

+ Hollywood-style! We have been fit for video and 3D for long. Finally our moving images get the attention they deserve: On a 62 inch flat screen we show the striking and emotional blockbusters made by Rabl & Hahn.

+ A Mobilo presents the highlights of our Change Roadshows for international big concerns to a scale of one to ten.

+ Virtual reality does not need any large computers at our office: The Rabl & Hahn Virtual Reality / 360° video-area invites you to a breathtaking, three-dimensional world by means of a mobile phone and a laptop – mobile and usable everywhere.

+ Concentration, relaxation, and mental focus – this is all you need for our mindball station. Sounds easy? Far from it! Our CEO Jennifer is the unbeaten champion, all of our guests failed on the Rabl & Hahn mindball-queen. ]

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