Rabl & Hahn location: Check 6. Our Conference Rooms._

[ The Rabl & Hahn state-of-the-art benchmark headquarter has been our new, cutting-edge home since 1st March. New standards, game-changing ideas and successful methods – we revolutionize the work space! We proudly present seven facts about our new work environment during seven weeks!

Today: Why we love our conference rooms.

The term conference room is often associated with simple standard facilities, most of the time in beige and brown shades, bad light and stuffy air.

When we planned the Rabl & Hahn headquarter, we wanted to avoid these clichés and in all modesty, we feel we have done a good job: Due to spacious ceiling-high window facades the modern rooms get flooded with natural daylight. Additionally, the building is partly surrounded by water, you can see the water from every angle of the big conference room. From the moment you enter one of the rooms an open-minded and positive feeling is transmitted – a unique atmosphere!

And because we want to share this inspiring atmosphere, you can rent our conference rooms flexible with an easy and fast booking process. Whether for a workshop, brainstorming or a seminar, our contact person on site offers tailor-made solutions for every meeting occasion! ]

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