Rabl & Hahn location: Check 5. Our Meeting Pods._

[ The Rabl & Hahn state-of-the-art benchmark headquarter has been our new, cutting-edge home since 1st March. New standards, game-changing ideas and successful methods – we revolutionize the work space! We proudly present seven facts about our new work environment during seven weeks!

Today: The Rabl & Hahn meeting pods.

Communication plays a key role in our day-to-day work. We are in close contact with our clients, we love to develop new solutions and to discuss different approaches together with our Change-Elite team. But, to work focused and concentrated at a high level or to finalize presentations within a small powerful team as well as to fine-tune a video with the four eyes principle, for these occasions there are two perfect “safe havens” at the new Rabl & Hahn headquarter: our meeting pods.

Each of the acoustically separated meeting pods offers space for four people. The meeting pods are equipped with flat screens and server access and are also real eye-catchers.

Last but not least: The meeting pods are very close to the coffee machine! ]

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