Rabl & Hahn location: Check 4. Our Love for Detail._

[ The Rabl & Hahn state-of-the-art benchmark headquarter has been our new, cutting-edge home since 1st March. New standards, game-changing ideas and successful methods – we revolutionize the work space! We proudly present seven facts about our new work environment during seven weeks!

Today: Our love for detail.

We spend more and more time at work. Therefore, it is important to rate the office not only as an office, but also as a “safe haven” and to design it in a lovely way to feel comfortable. Small dark rooms and standard desks – that is a thing of the past!

The future looks different: Californian wallpapers, velvet sofas in fancy colors, an open-plan kitchen in the middle of the entrance area. We created our headquarter to a feel-good oasis, so there is no possibility for negative office vibes. We consciously decided against more typical office furniture, but contributed our very own style – sophisticated glasses, fluffy rugs, candles or shapely vases.

Exactly this love for detail is the key to success of our projects. This includes merging with the project and involving deeply with partly unfamiliar subjects. But convince yourself! ]

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