Rabl & Hahn location: Check 3. Cuisine@work!_

[ The Rabl & Hahn state-of-the-art benchmark headquarter has been our new, cutting-edge home since 1st March. New standards, game-changing ideas and successful methods – we revolutionize the work space! We proudly present seven facts about our new work environment during seven weeks!

Today: The best parties always take place in the kitchen: Cuisine @ work !

A Ferrari among the coffee machines, combined with a light, open-plan designer kitchen and a central location make the Rabl & Hahn office kitchen a new spotlight of the headquarter. The concept behind: The kitchen unites different work areas, this shortens paths and so thoughts, ideas or creativity is not lost. On the contrary – the open design invites to exchange and communicate. Just to mention as a side note– the “instagrammable” composition of the kitchen – that’s the icing on the cake! ]

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