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Project scope SGL ACF
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In 2009, the BMW Group and the SGL Group set up the joint venture SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers (ACF) in order to exclusively supply the BMW Group with carbon fibre materials. On the basis of cost-effective, sustainable production, ACF is setting new standards and has enabled the BMW Group to be the first car manufacturer in the world to use carbon fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP) in serial production.


Initial situation_

Business, politicians and the media agree: We need more innovations. This is because innovations are a guarantee of growth and competitiveness – they break up old structures and ensure future viability. The crux of the matter is that not only do they have to be developed; they also have to be communicated. And that isn’t always easy, as communicating new concepts calls for new approaches and methods. In this context, SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers puts its faith into the extensive experience and skills of Rabl & Hahn.

The main focus of the communication campaign was to put together detailed technical information about the company and to increase understanding and recognition of the core business of ACF. Furthermore, a new website was designed and implemented. It went online in June of this year.

It was a matter of bringing together vast amounts of technical data, questioning target groups, studying specialist articles and books as well as utilising every possible way of appealing to the emotions. This material was used not only on the Internet but also in detailed internal presentations.

Project scope SGL ACF_

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… and many other measures (pictures are only a small selection)

  • Personnel advertisements

  • Employee newspaper

  • Online presence

  • World of product pictures

  • Optimisation CI / CC / CD

  • Image-based argument



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