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Project scope Mercedes-Benz Cars
Global quality management 


The best or nothing: Mercedes-Benz is known for the high quality of its products. To ensure that this market perception doesn’t change, the company management knows that every single employee can and must contribute his part to the quality of the final product. This is why it is so immensely important to raise the employees’ awareness for the high priority of quality rules and processes. Solely this attitude can ensure customer satisfaction.

You snooze, you lose and when you rest on your laurels, you will quickly be surpassed by your competitors. Under the pressure to succeed and produce more and more model series and rising quantities, this can happen fairly quickly. Only the right employee mindset will enable the company to set the standard for the long term.


Initial situation_

The task is clear: Focusing on customer requests and attaining the top position in customer satisfaction by 2020.

This goal can only be reached by following rules and processes. The target group: approximately 110.000 Mercedes-Benz Cars employees at all the locations worldwide (Germany, U.S., South Africa, Hungary, Rumania and China).

The aim of the quality campaign is to develop methods and tools which will alert every employee to the high priority and significance of customer satisfaction. All measures should be equally effective and understood by everyone – from assembly worker to chairman.

Development and consolidation of quality rules on employee and management levels: In phase 1, plant analyses were conducted and a campaign and the corresponding advertising materials (multilingual) were developed.

So far, the highlight of the initiative, which has attained global acceptance and a high level of dedication by the Mercedes-Benz Cars employees, is a mobile exhibition system, specifically developed to reach the employees in their regular working environment and to let them experience quality with all senses – and all this at 8 locations worldwide, including China, the U.S. and South Africa.

Visitors are encouraged to improve their day-to-day work and become a part of the quality campaign. Thanks to the success of phase 1, the project is now in phase 2.

Project scope Mercedes-Benz Cars_

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… and many other measures (pictures are only a small selection)


  • Image / explanatory films

  • Campaign

  • Booklet

  • Virtual reality world

  • Print material: e.g. flyers, posters etc.

  • Board presentations

  • Simple clip

  • Worldwide plant road show at 12 locations 

  • 3D process visualisations

  • Flyers

  • Guerrilla activities

  • Plant analysis 4D/ 8D process

  • Guerrilla activities in 4 languages

  • Simple clip / explanatory films

  • 3D animations

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