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Project scope Halder Schneidtechnik
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The specialist in water jet cutting/laser beam cutting and complete finishing has been producing for SMEs and large enterprises since 1998. Halder Schneidtechnik cuts any material and offers the right manufacturing method for producing all mouldings competently and professionally: from piece production to serial production in large volumes. From small mouldings to major projects. Metals, plastics, composites, stone, glass and wood.


Initial situation_

The competition for customers is intense - especially in view of the fact that, for customers, the differentiating features
are normally too complex and obscure. There are lots of companies on the market with very similar portfolios - so who should the customer choose? Is price alone really the deciding factor or will that take its toll later on, particularly in the light of quality requirements? These questions show that, especially in the "premium quality" segment, distinguishing yourself clearly from the competition is essential for ensuring a company's long-term success. In this context, Halder Schneidtechnik has chosen a new concept designed by
Rabl & Hahn.

The objectives of the first stage of communication were not only to improve the "look & feel" and to create a new and more emotive image library but also to design a detailed image sales argument focused on boosting sales and acquiring new customers. It conveys the technically complex content in a comprehensible way and sums up the values of Halder Schneidtechnik. Once designed, the technical content with emotive appeal was used in other print media, such as direct mail and an image flyer, both of which portrayed the new "look & feel" and promoted the corporate goals.

Project scope Halder Schneidtechnik_

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