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Project scope Electrolux AB
Global quality management 


Aside from the eponymous brand, the Electrolux Group is made up of a number of renowned sub-brands like AEG, Frigidaire, Juno, Zanussi, etc. Electrolux produces household appliances for home and professional use. The entire corporation is facing the challenge of unifying quality standards worldwide and raising them to a new level.

The customer is to be the focus of all “acting and producing” and become a motivator for the quality campaign. In the light of new measurability via internet ratings on Amazon and Internet tests, Electrolux now faces a challenge that can only be overcome if all the employees pull together.

The air is getting thinner for the entire market and the times, when price was the sole determining factor for the purchase of a product, are over. Especially well-funded markets insist on the best possible quality for a reasonable price. In exchange, they are willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets.

In order to implement the customer focus in the entire Electrolux organisation, employees from all brands, all sectors and all functions must have the right mindset as well as the right tools for lasting quality improvement at their disposal.

Initial situation_


The new, globally communicated Electrolux motto: focus on customer requests and customer satisfaction.

The way to do this is to improve global quality and to develop and establish unified standards by 2020.

Electrolux products are distributed via 45 sub-brands worldwide, some of which utilise their own processes and methods for quality assurance.

The beginning of this ongoing process is split up into
multiple phases:


  • Phase 1: communication with Electrolux top managers and sensitisation for corporate specifications. Through these measures, which are implemented exclusively by use of positive reinforcement, supporters for the project and the company’s vision are gained worldwide. A global webinar and a (physical) meeting of top managers build commitment and provide the possibility to collect feedback for the optimisation of the programme.

  • Establishment of an Internet community (similar to Facebook). In this community, all the employees can swap ideas on quality topics and obtain access to online platforms, with standard tools like D-FMEA and P-FMEA, as well as to communication materials for the support of local quality measures.

  • Newly developed Visual Management (VM), which is applied in a standardised manner on a global level. 

  • Introduction and establishment of a quality award and a quality day for the purpose of generating additional multipliers.

  • Development of an “Electrolux Quality Booklet” which defines unified standards for the entire value-added chain and explains all processes in a simple way. Additionally, the booklet provides instructions for the most important standard tools like visual management (VM), key characteristics (KC), critical to quality (CTQ), D-FMEA, P-FMEA, gap analysis, measurement systems analysis (MSA), statistical process control (SPC), control plan, Q6 / 8D.

In phase 2, the project will proceed from mostly reactive to preventive tools.

Project scope Electrolux_

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… and many other measures (pictures are only a small selection)


  • Tool booklet

  • Visual Management

  • Pin

  • Basic leaflet

  • Top Management Roadshow

  • Intranet

  • Program, slogan and
    logo proposals

  • Campaign posters


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