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Project scope BMW Group


The times when car manufacturers were able to spend years preparing to introduce new e/e functions are long gone. Consumer electronics now determines the pace, quality and price-performance ratio for innovations. The current large number of customised solutions in vehicles automatically causes more work in terms of maintenance/ optimisation and protection, and it severely limits the freedom to innovate. The solution for this is a standardised e/e architecture that enables great flexibility and a high speed of innovation.

Initial situation_


Implementation of a task by the executive board: the cross-departmental establishment of a service pack-based development process, to offer customers vehicles equipped with the very latest customer functions. The process is designed to take trends, future market and customer demands, benchmarks, analyses of the competition, product property profiles and the specifications for different product lines into account. 

The overall objective of the campaign was a change throughout the entire value-added chain. The aims were to develop a campaign and to design and develop an image-based argument and a "big picture" which visualise the complex process and brings it to life.

A series of expert panels were held to break down resistance and get those affected on board. The target group were won over as supporters. An online platform with an explanatory video and simple shows created transparency and brought things to life.

After the completion of the project, we asked the client: 

“How would you rate the overall performance of Rabl & Hahn in school grades (according to the German grading system)?”



“Grade 1 (best possible grade)” 
[Deputy divisional manager, BMW Group]

Project scope BMW Group_

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… and many other measures (pictures are only a small selection)

  • Perceptible user platform on the intranet

  • Panels of experts/ workshops

  • Simple show

  • Image film

  • 3D big picture to bring the complex e/e process to life

  • Board presentations

  • Image-based argument

  • Campaign

  • Process visualization across the entire value-added process

  • Print material, e.g. campaign posters



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