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Project scope Airbus Group
Global quality management 


From consumer electronics to the automotive sector, quality defects occur time and time again. Sometimes it is even necessary to recall a product, which customers tend to put up with through gritted teeth. In contrast, in the aviation industry, "right first time" manufacturing is the order of the day. After all, customers cannot just pull over onto the shoulder and call for help if a technical problem occurs. In aviation, retrospective quality improvements can generally only be made with great difficulty, and a defect can be fatal. It is agreed that the aviation industry is expected to be completely error-free. Proactive quality control is the be-all and end-all. 

If the quality of a product is to be right from the moment it is delivered, the value-added chain must be aligned to ensure that the factors which have a critical impact on quality are analysed in advance and backed up by actions. While this sounds fairly simple, it is actually quite difficult for corporations to do in practice, what with globalisation, increasing complexity, cost pressures and innovative competitors constantly posing new challenges for companies.

With the support of Rabl & Hahn, Airbus has therefore opted for an international, practice-oriented quality programme and a sophisticated change management strategy in order not just to meet its customers' requirements but to exceed them, thus setting itself apart from the competition in the long term.


Initial situation_

Every single employee can play a significant role in meeting quality targets – from staff on the factory floor to top managers. However, a culture of quality has to be embedded in employees' minds in order for these ambitious quality objectives to be achieved. The "non-quality" that is saved in this process also enables huge cost reductions, thus securing the company's long-term future.

For the corporation Airbus Group, this new quality culture requires a change in thinking at all levels: a culture in which mistakes are addressed openly more often and in which things are questioned, promoting greater engagement with the needs of customers and, associated with this, beginning to see internal colleagues (to whom products are being passed on) as customers as well. After all, only when each and every employee takes responsibility for quality within his or her field of duty can this culture pervade all the company's divisions.

Change management measures for managers and staff: The first step towards anchoring the quality strategy throughout the company was to obtain full commitment from management. 

Ultimately, success was achieved with a comprehensive set of arguments regarding perception within and outside the company as well as market requirements in relation to the competition. 

Emotive and easily understandable audio-visual media also boosted the positive reception amongst top managers. A further success factor was a mobile "quality experience", which raised awareness among participants and delivered some specific tools and ideas for solutions in their day-to-day work. This broad coalition of managers subsequently proved to be the key to successfully anchoring the strategy at middle management level in the individual divisions.

Project scope Airbus Group_

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… and many other measures (pictures are only a small selection)


  • Mindset & behaviour kit: A viral Q-training

  • Improvement toolbox booklet: Practice-oriented tools with templates

  • Board presentations

  • Events

  • Management kit to gain multipliers and creators

  • Image / explanatory films

  • Process visualisation of the global report / escalation tool

  • Simple clip

  • Print material

  • Europe-wide quality road show 

  • Quality policy: global core processes and tools

  • Guerrilla activities

  • Flyers

  • 4D/ 8D kit

  • Campaign

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