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Change Roadshow.
Change Roadshow.
Change Roadshow.
Change Roadshow.
Change Roadshow.

If you want real change to happen, it is best to be directly on site. The Rabl & Hahn road shows do the “gemba walk” and are much more effective than simply handing out a flyer or hanging up a poster. The road shows can be very flexibly designed and are always mobile.

In practice, the mobile road show can be positioned at several locations within a big manufacturing facility, thus making the route for the employees as short as possible. Our trained staff will be happy to serve as on-site contact persons and convey the message of the desired change to each employee personally. Oftentimes, it is easy to refute the arguments and doubts of the “change opponents”, get them interested in programmes and even win them as “supporters”.

The exhibition stand is designed on the basis of your desired “message” and our specialists will work with you to develop an individual concept, which will appeal to all of your employees’ senses.

In the course of the “change road show”, the employees’ mindset is rated and “their opinions” are captured. In this manner, Rabl & Hahn is able to recognize focal points. The results will be summarised in a report or with the aid of a film element and handed over to you.

With the “Rabl & Hahn change road shows”, you will profit from our unique experience in the conception, planning and implementation of national and international road shows. The success of a big vision starts with each individual employee.


This is a really first class exhibit and that should help to drive and encourage all team members to build best quality for our customers.


The fact that it is the four senses and I’m able to hear, see, touch and smell and all of the defects that could be built in a vehicle, honestly, I think you guys have it right.


Well presented, simple, clear and unforgettable. It will really help us to make a change.

South Africa

Very impressive exhibition and good inspiration which must be called to mind again and again. There is still a lot to do. Thank you very much!


This event should also be presented to external service providers and outside companies. The costs that arise from quality defects are quite astonishing. Our motto: Be attentive when working.


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We will not only draft and create your individual concepts, but also implement them on site. Worldwide and in any language. When working with Rabl & Hahn, you are working with a pro – one that will deliver the whole package. Reliably and competently.

Examples of application:

  • Process optimisation & presentation

  • Process visualisation & depiction

  • Product trainings

  • Product presentations

  • Change of mindset / raising the awareness of the target group

  • Simplification of highly complex content

  • Product performance life cycle

  • Winning over relevant target groups

  • Overcoming resistance in your own ranks

  • Etc.

  • Development of the concept for the road show

  • Event management, planning & implementation

  • Resource/ action planning

  • Scheduling at various locations worldwide

  • Travel booking

  • Emotional approach to complex content with the help of mobile exhibition systems etc.

  • Conception & implementation of communication – digital, print, 3D and with the help of emotional film elements

  • Design / layout, retouching, in accordance with your CI

  • Conception & creation of an argument for the announcement in relevant committees

  • Setup and dismantling as well as on-site support & implementation

  • Conducting workshops / seminars / trainings

  • Purchasing of all necessary materials

  • Etc.

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