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Every day, companies around the world announce new changes such as strategies, processes or structures. Most of them burst like bubbles. Around 70% of these projects and programs fail or have a little success, as evidenced by a McKinsey study. This is how employees respond to change: the more international, the stronger it is with the feeling of insecurity. And that is completely independent of the hierarchical level.


Only few are really excited, the majority secretly rejects the change and some even resist.

In addition to the few active advocates there are neutrals, observant ones, critics and pessimists, to the open and secret opponents rivals who are also involved in "counter-initiatives".

And this is where Change Management and Change Consulting from
Munich-based Rabl & Hahn comes into an important role play:
We deal constructively and productively with the possible resistance
of the affected during change / transformation processes. For this we focus on the perspective of your target group
- because the needs are
as individual as the affected person is.