Active Nutrition International is a sports nutrition manufacturer with approximately 160 employees in Munich, Bern and Voerde and sells its products in over 28 countries while producing 50 million products annually. The brands PowerBar, Premier Protein and Dymatize are hidden under the umbrella brand belonging to the Bellring Brands Group.

Active Nutrition International relies on the expertise and know-how of Rabl & Hahn for the conception, introduction and sustainable implementation.

The agreed on goal of Active Nutrition and

Rabl & Hahn: Introduction of a purpose and establishment

a foundation for a transformation into a purpose-driven organization within 3 months.

Speech Philipp Hahn_


Visionary companies like Google, Apple and Co. are already showing us what potential the pursuit of higher things can unfold. But what are they doing differently?

They dedicate themselves to a great, sometimes even honorable meaning and turn corporate aims such as "sales" or "profit" into subordinate goals.


The rediscovery of meaning, of higher and greater goals in everyday economic and practical life offers us the opportunity to lead mankind and companies into a completely new age. And… purpose driven organizations are inexorably on the rise worldwide.


The purpose is the great common denominator and the north star of an organization. It is a kind of inner compass that provides orientation at all times, even with the greatest uncertainty and constantly changing weather conditions.

It also serves to inspire employees and consumers of companies, brands and products in the long term and to secure their own future viability.


The world seems to be turning faster and faster. One is

often under time pressure, constantly on the go, commuting between here and there. We adjust our food intake accordingly: Instead of sitting at the dining table with our family at fixed times every day, we eat where it’s most convenient. Food “on-the-go” is becoming more and more important, the boundaries between solid meals, conscious energy supply and small snacks become indistinct. In addition, health is no longer just a desirable condition but an ultimate goal and meaning in life. Psychological and physical dimensions are becoming more and more closely linked, boundaries are being explored more and more and more and more consumers want to not only “consume” their food, but “experience” it. Health and satisfaction merge. And the acceptance of industrially processed products continues to decrease.

These trends have a major impact on business needs and increase the pressure. Many new innovative competitors flood the market and endanger existing, already established companies. These market requirements mixed with existing internal challenges, such as outdated processes & procedures, employee dissatisfaction and other secondary battlefields result in a dangerous cocktail.


„We wanted to receive professional consulting as part of our transformation and have found a reliable partner in Rabl & Hahn, who has invested all of its energy to implement real transformation together with us. In the process, we have benefited enormously from their many years of expertise and experience in supporting large global corporations.


Ultimately, Rabl & Hahn looked after us comprehensively to tackle the topic of transformation holistically and sustainably.
In this context, Rabl & Hahn made us aware of the need for a purpose. With their help, we were able to introduce an OKR management framework, revise our values ​​and ultimately define and introduce our purpose. The basis for this was created with an extensive employee survey and a comprehensive reflection at management level.


On the way to develop and implement our transformation,
Rabl & Hahn coached and supported us each step of the way. The Purpose Day organized by Rabl & Hahn as well as the numerous support actions such as a Purpose Booklet and the introduction of change agents, as ambassadors for change, completed the package.

Thanks to Jennifer, Philipp and the entire Rabl & Hahn team
for your tireless efforts, your creativity and your unconventional solutions. We look forward to the ongoing cooperation!“

Christoph Schwarz, General Manager, Active Nutrition


  • SpaceX is committed to enabling multiplanetary life.

  • Google does not see itself as the largest global search engine operator, but “organizes the world's information.

  • Amazon wants to be the most customer-focused company in the world and create a place where
    people can find and discover everything they
    want to buy online.

Further development_

The introduction of a Purpose is only successful when it is sustainably anchored in the company culture and actively lived by all employees. Therefore, the Purpose Engage phase started immediately after the Purpose introduction.

A review of past milestones reached and a Lessons Learned were the basis for future recommendation and
an action plan.


The focus hereby was on the education and training
of so-called change agents as well as immediate HR communication actions that seamlessly followed the Purpose introduction.

The recipe for a successful Purpose Introduction



Show future trends regarding consumer behaviour, market requirements, development potential and mega trends.


In extensive conversations with approx. 30% of the team, who
Rabl & Hahn have questioned individually and confidential, about 1.238 comments have been collected and 12 topics evolved. The results were anonymized
and made more concrete with respective recommendations
for action.


Determination and elaboration of potential needs/challenges as well as success factors for a sustainable change.



Creation of an extensive strategy concept with tangible measures for the achievement of the goals.


The heart of the change, the Purpose, emerged in close collaboration between Active Nutriton and Rabl & Hahn.
It embodies the DNA and gives
the organization a trend-setting north star. The Purpose itself is unfortunately still top secret.


There is a mission for each dimension that shows how the Purpose can be brought to live
in the different areas. They give direction and describe what the organization will achieve in the
next 5 to 10 years.


The existing values were put to the acid test and adated to the Purpose. They serve as a guideline to the employees and reflect the core of the organization.


Initiation of the introduction of an OKR working model, to create a bridge between the ambitious targets and the „operational doing“. This cross-functional collaboration creates transparency, clear tasks, priorities and eliminates sideshows.



Such a profound change requires additional personnel support. As „ambassadors“ and „forerunners“
of change, so-called change agents were selected and extensively trained.


The change agent fosters transformation in his surroundings. As a multiplier, he is familiar with
the basic dynamics of change management. He takes over operative tasks and is contact person and sparrings parther of HR, so that the needs of the poeple
are reflected in the actions.


Moving pictures and emotional music are the best way to emotionally reach people and explain the „Why?“. An emotional movie serves to convey the
Purpose to the employees, generally interested people as well as customers of the organization
in a capturing way.


Purpose to go – a Purpose kit for every employee with various materials and tools to support them in actively living the Purpose.


To give the Purpose emotional wings, a Purpose Day was initiated to create the necessary community experience.


Everyone affected was included
in the flow of information and the hearts of all employees were reached. The company-wide event was held on four consecutive days in online and smaller presence groups due to the current situation at the time.


It is not enough to just communicate the Purpose of an organization.
To become a true „purpose-driven“ organization, it is required to sustainably anchor it into the organization’s DNA.


The ANI Booklet shows every employee in detail, how they can bring in their personal strengths
into the organization, to actively
live the Purpose together.


This cheatsheet gives the employees an overview of the new working model as well as the
new way of collaboration (meeting structure, processes, etc.) and makes getting the new fairly dry topic OKRs started a bit easier. „Easy to take with you in a pocket format“.


In order to sustainably implement the values in the organization, actively live them and celebrate their successes, a kind of value challenge cup was introduced, which is awarded quarterly from employee to employee to those who actively live the company values.


A new „Purpose intranet site“ is the virtual junction. Employees can
find all information round the Purpose there, incl. check lists, tools, etc. To make the transparency of the change visible for everyone, the current status of the OKR sets is published there as well.

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